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Leisure and Language

Combine Leisure and Language

Reunion Island is the perfect place to combine leisure and language!
The Volcano Island is a hiking paradise with beautiful Mountains like “Piton de Neiges” (3070m), “Piton de La Fournaise” (26212m) and “Cirque de Mafate” a huge caldera that was announces as UNESCO World nature heritage in 2010. But also beach lovers, diving and snorkeling fans will be overwhelmed when seeing Reunions big white sandy beaches and the crystal-clear water! At the same time we offer you a very flexible and high quality French course that will help you to improve your language skills and will make you enjoy Reunion Island even more. Our courses are mostly Monday to Friday morning so you will have the afternoons and the weekends to explore the Island.

Mountains and beaches

Reunion Island – Between mountains and beaches

Reunion Island – Between mountains and beaches
Between mountains and the sea Reunion shows you its beautiful nature with huge cliffs, massive waterfalls and impressive rainforests. The Island is also known for its colorful and interesting creole markets. St.Paul hosts every Friday and Saturday morning the biggest market on the island, not far away from our language school.

You want to get lunch on the market after your French course and enjoy the beautiful seaside few? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Amazing coral reefs

Learn French while enjoying amazing coral reefs !

Learn French while enjoying amazing coral reefs !
Reunion Island is surrounded by unique coral reefs and a pure diving paradise! Take the possibility and swim with elegant dolphins, meet massive wales and all these colorful fish and turtles. All diving tours are attended by an experienced diving instructor and the important rules of how to behave underwater will be explained before every excursion!

You would like to talk about your diving experience in French? Check out our Combi course and contact us for more information, we will be pleased to hearing from you!

The “Grand raid”

Amazing endurance sports event on Reunion Island

The Grand raid is an ultramarathon that takes place here in the mountains of Reunion Islands. 2600 participants are starting every October a 162km route with 9643m of elevation through the wonderful UNESCO classified world nature heritage. Watch the video and get an idea of the breathtaking environment that is expecting you here! Our well-trained teachers and high-quality language training structure based on international standards will make your stay even more enjoyable. All our offered language courses are oriented on the Common European Framework of Reference for language training (CEFR) and will therefore be accepted everywhere in Europe. Our Team from DP Langues is looking forward to welcome you on Reunion Island!

Spectacular eruption by night...

...in Mai 2015!

The eruptions are spectacular, but not dangerous with the last major eruption just in Mai this year!
Visiting the volcano is very interesting and definitely a must-do when you are coming to Reunion Island!
Due to the volcanic origin of the island, numerous attractions, activities and also many accommodations are located in the mountains .

The "Piton de la Fournaise"

One of the most active volcanoes worldwide

Seen from above, Reunion Island is an almost perfectly round island. If you approach the island you will then discover that the island is unusually mountainous. Several million years ago, the island rose up as a volcano from the ocean. The volcano, Piton des Neiges , with its height of 3071m , created this charming little island with an area of approximately 2,500km².
Today, the hotspot has migrated to the south of the island where it continues to be one of the most-active volcanos in the world: Piton de la Fournaise.