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French Private course

With our French Private Course you enjoy a very intensive face to face training with a very qualified French teacher just for you.

The French private courses are very flexible and individual designed , that way you can deepen the terminology you might need for work. You also have the possibility to design your lessons together with your teacher to ensure you will learn and deepen your French vocabulary in the topics you are interested in.

Each lesson is 55 minutes and a course can be book for at least 1 week .

Our French Private courses start every Monday and to join we require a minimum age of 18 years.
All course material , an online placement test to classify your level and a certificate of attendance are included .

  • In the Private Program, you can study the new 2018 course :
The French Private Business/Exam Prep with 10 hours courses per week OR The French Private Business/Exam Prep with 20 hours courses per week.

Let us know what is your choice !