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Every activity is possible on Reunion Island !


You want to experience a real adventure activity , in which the experience of nature in the foreground? Then Canyoning at Reunion Island might be the perfect leisure activity for you!

This outdoor action thrills and lots of fun is guaranteed!

By abseiling, climbing down, jumping, sliding, swimming and sometimes even diving you will make your way through the canyons.
Combine your french course with a unique way to discover Reunion Island!

Downhill Mountain-Biking

Another super exciting and intense activity to discover the incredible island of Reunion is the Downhill Mountain-Biking. Trails are often steep and volcanic terrain rough and sometimes unpredictable.
Le Maido is the island's most renowned spot for downhill biking. It boasts more than 100 kilometers of marked trails, some quite difficult and others manageable for those with a minimal amount of experience.
As you see a language stay at Reunion Island is easily combined with a lot of exciting adventure activities!


Dropped from a small plane or a helicopter at an altitude 3000meters, you’ll find yourself up in the sky, the island of Reunion below.

Discover Reunion Island from above, flying in pure happiness!

And afterwards in your French course here at DP LANGUES you will learn how to talk about your adventure activityin French!