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Water Activities


You want to experience a real adventure activity , in which the experience of nature in the foreground?

Then Canyoning at Reunion Island might be the perfect leisure activity for you!

This outdoor action thrills and lots of fun is guaranteed!

By abseiling, climbing down, jumping, sliding, swimming and sometimes even diving you will make your way through the canyons.

Combine your french course with a unique way to discover Reunion Island and get 10% off on all the canyoning circus with our partner Ricaric !

Kayak Transparent

Another super activity to discover another part of the incredible island of Reunion is the Transparent Canoe Kayak.

Explore lagoon and ocean with the new all transparent Kayak : Molokini. This clear bottom kayak has a transparent polymer hull that offers underwater vista up to 75 feet below the surface of the water. Discover underwater worlds like no other conventional boat, the clear Kayak allows you to witness the fascinating sea life below.

As a student at DP Langues and thanks to our partner Kayak Transparent Réunion, you have a special price on all the activities that they offer :

10% off

So go for it ! and enjoy the beauty of fishes and corals in free clear kayak rental or group excursions with their professionnal guide.

Scuba Diving

Discover Reunion Island from underwater, swimming in pure happiness!

Some of our students did the international diploma PADI with our partner Excelsus during their stay as a student at DP Langues and had 10% off on all their scuba diving lessons !

And afterwards in your French course you will learn how to talk about your adventure in French!