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Oyé, Oyé!

We are pleased to offer you two stunning activities if you register for the period of end of July to mid-September !
Related to the recent events in Reunion, that is to say the eruption of our volcano and the whale season, our activities will suit everyone!

🐳Activity 1 : Safari cruise to meet local fauna aboard a boat : Dolphins, humpback whales, turtles, flying
fishes, Seabirds. Length: 2 hours

🌋Activity 2 : Lava tubes caves to explore the heart of our volcano, drop beneath the crust and explore the interior of a lava flow. Length: 2.5 hours

Here the conditions :
– Language course needs to start between July 31 to September 15
– Standard group course, minimum 2 weeks
– From French level A2 to B2

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To give a small foretaste – here are some more impressions of the unique natural spectacle…


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